Building a Platform for the Future of Food

We use proprietary technology …

… to ferment plant-based ingredients, allowing us to naturally recreate the flavours in the foods we love. This turns natural ingredients and food industry by-products, such as oats, into the base for a variety of flavors, including delicious, chocolatey goodness. That means we can utilize local crops, which are harvested in a much more sustainable and people-friendly way, than crops like cocoa.


Local Ingredients

We start with home-grown ingredients, like oats.


Local Processing

Fermentation, roasting, and processing all take place at our facilities and close to our customers.


The Result: Amazing ChoViva

Through precision fermentation and roasting, we create ChoViva Concentrate and ChoViva Butter. Used together, they create ChoViva, an indulgent, cocoa-free chocolate, with a delicious aroma and luxurious snap AND 90% less CO2.

With a smooth texture and mouthfeel, ChoViva Butter can be used on its own, and is the perfect replacement for palm oil. In our case, we utilize down-stream processing to extract nice, juicy fat from yeast cells.

More in the works

Our platform is based on both flavor and lipid technology – stay tuned as we continue to develop food ingredients decoupled from unsustainable land and labor practices. For now, learn more about ChoViva, the world’s first 100% cocoa-free chocolate.