Welcome to Planet A Foods

We are producing the world’s first 100% cocoa-free chocolate.

We believe in developing new ways of producing food, decoupled from limited land or labor resources. We strive to produce food locally, with minimal impact on land & resources, and reduce carbon emissions globally.For us. For our children.

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The Team

Planet A Foods was founded in 2021 by chocolate-siblings and fanatics Sara and Max, who knew it was time to turn their attention to the massive problems in not only the cocoa industry, but in today’s global food landscape.

With Sara’s extensive experience in biotech and knowledge of flavors, and Max’s work as a material scientist and three-time entrepreneur, as well as his work in B2B sales, Planet A Foods was born.

Our team is a group of food technologists, marketers, and supply chain wizards who want to reduce our carbon footprint while still consuming the delicious things in life. We believe in protecting our planet and the people that create the foods we love.

Join us!

Sounds like you? We’re alway looking for bright, curious, planet-conscious individuals.