Nocoa is the world’s first 100% cocoa-free chocolate.

We were dreaming about a chocolate for which no trees had to be cut down, no precious water was wasted, no fragile ecosystems were disturbed, and no child had to work. And since we couldn’t get rid of the problems associated with the cocoa bean, we just got rid of cacao!

What we didn’t get rid of is everything we adore about chocolate: The taste, the mouthfeel, the delicious aroma, that luxurious snap you get when you break off a generous chunk. That was how Nocoa, the world’s first 100% cocoa-free chocolate, was born. Of course, it’s vegan and only made from natural ingredients like oats.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

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Location Date Address
Delabuu Ice Cream 19th and 20th of August Krossener Str. 15, 10245 Berlin
Bits & Pretzels Conference 25th and 27th of August Messe Munich
Tribeca Ice Cream 9th and 10th of September Tribeca Ice Cream, Rykestraße 40, 10405 Berlin
Chocstar Amsterdam 4th and 5th of November Hoogte Kadijk 15, 1018 BD Amsterdam
Ice cream parlour Eismeer 5th and 6th of August Pestalozzistraße 21, 80469 Munich

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